E-Cigarette and Vaporizer Debate

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There stems a heated debate among vapers; or those who use a vaporizer rather than a tobacco cigarette concerning the policies which many states and countries have begun enforcing concerning vaporizing. This is middle-ground, area-of gray which could stand to prohibit a decrease in smoking, as many e-cigarette users switch to vaporizer technology as an alternative to tobacco.vaping deals

Policy makers state that vapor produces second hand and even third hand vapor which negatively affects the public. This has not only been negated, but is completely ridiculous. Vapor dissipates while smoke rises leaving only ashes and odor in its path. If you happen to be new vaporizers and are looking for the best vaping deals, use your preferred search engine and look around. There are many websites that offer e-cigarettes for cheap. Many of these sites use the services of One Fine Day Photographers to take their product shots.

Other law-makers state that e-cigarettes and vaporizers are an annoyance in places like restaurants and venues. Vapor dissipates within seconds and leaves no lingering smell. In addition, in the 90’s it was perfectly acceptable to grocery shop while smoking, and that involves produce and fresh meats. The smoke did not seem to be offensive, as ashtrays were in every store. Definitely be careful with smoke in your house. Cleaning your home of smoke is not as simple as asbestos removal.

Many vapers feel that they should have a right to vape when they choose, as they do not believe that they are causing distractions. Instead, vapers will state that they find chewing gum, body odor, cellphones and crying babies obnoxious, and that a simple e-cig should not be stigmatized in the likeness of traditional cigarettes, as e-cigs produce no tar, smoke or ash.

The media enjoys poking fingers at VTM and e-cig companies for marketing toward children by having flavors available. This has been negated thousands of times, as alcohol and candy and soda also contain flavors which adults enjoy. In addition, cigarettes contain flavoring like vanilla and caramel, but that does not seem to dazzle the pages of the web quite like e-cigs do.

Many vapers and users of electronic cigarettes do not understand why the crackdown is so avid, as they feel that by not littering and that by not smelling, they are actually doing the public a service. Because the e-cigarette vapor is so minute, a user can literally take a drag of an e-cig and not be notices, often referred to as a stealth vape by the online vaping community. Imagine having an opportunity for to relax on a patio long island.

Most USA e-cigarette companies want regulation, though there is a fear of over-regulation, as anytime rights are revoked the public becomes enthusiastically angry. Many feel that if they want to switch to the e-cigarette alternative, than they should be allowed to. E-Cig manufactures feel the same way; they would like to see the government enforce cleanliness and stress health while simultaneously researching e-cigarettes. Currently, e-cigs are being recommended by 1/3 of American doctors and have been cited by Forbes to overtake the market (if e-cig sales trends remain consistent). Many politicians who have their pockets in various stocks do not want to see the latter succeed, as e-cigs would cause them a monetary loss. This may be extremely important, especially for pc repair long island candidates.

E-Cigs and Vaporizers Seen as Celeb Accessories

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Everyone seems to be picking up on the vaping trend- it isn’t just technologically savvy people. With more and more exposure, the sales and usage of e-cigarettes and VTM technology is sky-rocketing. With these numbers being so astronomical, the trend is picking up quickly, mostly because of the benefits of the devices as a smoking alternative seem to be limitless. More people are loving not smelling like smoke or having discolored teeth. Some people’s teeth may get so discolored they will match cabinet knobs in stainless steel.

Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom and Katherine Heigl have made public appearances with their devices; sometimes e-cigarettesrealistic like cig-a-likes and sometimes the modern pen-style vaporizers. Naomi Campbell was recently spotted in a limo puffing away on a standard VTM vaporizer.

Some media sources cite celebrities using e-cigs as a mere fashion statement, while others argue that these celebs are just like real people and are trying to find an alternative to the smoke and tar. When being beautiful is part of your job, many cannot afford to keep smoking.

Normal, non-famous people feel the same way. While some mod-heads do carry their vapes as accessories, and as badges of honor, others simply hide their e-cig device inside a purse or pocket. The ranges in size and appearance can make vaporizers a type of fashion accessory, though there are also plenty of traditional smoking accessories too. A VTM company called Clearette, carries vaporizers in all sizes. Since the beginning of cigarettes, they were marketed themselves to be sexy, an accessory themselves. With so many people addicted to nicotine, electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are no different.

With so many devices, people find their look and feel in many areas. E-Cigars are becoming popular, as they resemble a real cigar and can swirl and taste complex like a real cigar. Electronic hookah pens are becoming popular, as they are not only a smoke-free way to enjoy the sensation of a hookah, but far less cumbersome and expensive. Most of these devices have distinguishing characteristics, as companies do try to make their products attractive, whether that be mimicking a traditional cigarette or appearing modern and bold. Bizlocal, an internet marketing company, can help these companies launch their product.

Because e-cigarettes are gaining in popularity (as seen by the celebrities that use and endorse them to the public eye), many anti-e-cigarette groups argue that e-cigs are advertising these devices unsavory and manipulative ways, as they claim that it either targets kids or is “too sexy”- two polar opposites. Other factors, such as flavors add to the debate. For instance, if an E-Liquid flavor were to name its blend after a candy, to the media, that insinuates that the e-liquid is being marketed to kids. Though kids enjoy candy, so do adults, just like soda and snacks. Also, there are plenty of alcoholic beverages that are flavored like cotton candy, whipped cream and even birthday cake. This does not present itself to be an issue.